Spring Fest: 15 Years and Counting – April 6-15

Thus far, we have had an active year at WNCU! I am sure you are enjoying your longtime favorites like Democracy Now!, one of America’s most thought provoking radio news programs, accompanied by the familiar voice of BH Hudson Monday through Friday during the Morning Jazz program, along with Bob Parlocha overnight and specialty weekend programs like 8-Track Flashback, The Funk Show and Hallelujah Praise.

Most recently, the House of Representatives voted to defund nationally distributed programs such as Democracy Now!, Tell Me More, Piano Jazz, Jazz Profiles and Jazz at Lincoln Center to name a few. The bill still must pass the Senate and get the President’s signature before becoming a law.  However, today, this notion has cast some uncertainty on one of WNCU’s funding sources.

So, what does that mean? It means we need your help now more than ever. Spring Fest 2011 is right around the corner, April 6-15. We are optimistic that our loyal listeners will band together and give their most generous gifts in support of keeping their favorite programs alive.

Our members are a strong and reliable source of funding for WNCU. That is why, I’m asking you to consider your feelings about WNCU and the value that this public radio station has in your life.  If you believe in the mission of WNCU, now is the time to show your appreciation.

Please consider renewing your membership or giving an additional gift today. By doing so, you will ensure that we continue to do business as usual despite the possible congressional cuts.

I hope you will pledge a gift, right now, online or mail your gift to: WNCU Membership Department, PO Box 3659, Durham, NC 27702.

Thank you for listening to WNCU and for your support.

Lackisha S. Freeman
General Manager
90.7 WNCU-FM