student training programs

Student Training Programs

WNCU Internship Program

Each semester a 12-week internship in Management, Programming/Music, Development, Operations, News & Public Affairs or Traffic/Office Admin depending on the interest of students enrolled in MSCM 3600 Internship. WNCU provides one-on-one hands on training. Intern will assist staff member with day-to-day tasks.

WNCU Media Practicum Program

Each semester a 12-week commercial and non-commercial radio orientation session with students enrolled in MSCM 4620-01 Media Practicum. Students rotate every two weeks with Management, Programming/Music, Development, Operations, News & Public Affairs and Traffic/Office Admin experiencing basic duties of each department.

WNCU Visiting Lecture Series Program*

WNCU will host a visiting lecture series with seasoned broadcast media professionals. NCCU Mass Communications majors will be allowed the opportunity to meet media professionals for networking and potential internship and/or job opportunities. The lecture series is open to all NCCU students.

WNCU Workshop Training Program

WNCU staff will host two News and Public Affairs, Operations and Music/Programming workshops per semester with Mass Communications courses.

WNCU Community Service Program*

All NCCU students are eligible for this program and may receive community service hours. Students will assists in fulfilling membership mailings, perform solicitation calls, and act as phone operators during the bi-annual WNCU membership drives.

WNCU Student Volunteer Program*

Students may volunteer to shadow the Media Practicum tract at anytime with prior approval from general manager.


AudioNet is WNCU’s student radio station. Students are trained to work various positions including: board operators, news announcers and program talk show hosts.

*Program for all students

Paid for using U.S. Department of Education Title III Program Funds