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Ed FullbrightBy Ed Fulbright, CPA, PFS

More money is about making smart decisions with what you have and growing your personal worth. One simple way to attract more money is to listen to Mastering Your Money, Saturday mornings on 90.7 FM at 10 a.m., and take action on what you have learned. Considered one of the best bargains in town, there is no fee or on-line membership requirement. It is absolutely free! The lively conversation and information provided can help anyone who is serious about their finances.

Growing what you have depends on your answers to the following ten questions:
1. How much do you earn with passion?
2. Are you a savvy consumer?
3. How much are you saving?
4. How much are you paying in taxes?
5. Are your investments diversified?
6. How stable are your relationships?
7. Are you a savvy homeowner?
8. Do you live within your means?
9. Can you avoid bad habits and horrible mistakes?
10. Finally, what is the return on your investments?

If you have unanswered questions, Mastering Your Money will help you turbo-charge your ride on the Financial Freedom Highway and provide the information you need to get the results you want.

Here’s what’s coming up on Mastering Your Money…

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Every show is designed to help you improve or adjust your answers to one or more of the above questions. We want to help you overcome the barriers to your financial success. Email us at [email protected] with your challenges and scenarios so that we can help you move ahead. Remember, Mastering Your Money turbo-charges your ride on the Financial Freedom Highway!