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Public Access to WNCU Meetings, Financial Records and EEO Reports

Public Access to WNCU Meetings, Financial Records and EEO Reports

North Carolina Central University– the licensee of WNCU – complies with requirements of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to make a variety of information available to the public. This includes:

  • Notices of upcoming public meetings
  • Financial records
  • EEO information reported to CPB

Originals of this information are kept by the General Manager in the station’s regular administrative files – either in electronic or hard copy – and are available for public inspection upon request. Our “CPB Public File” contains copies of these reports and records. There are no limitations on providing the public with access to review this information, but an appointment with the station is advised and may be required if WNCU staff are not available to provide this information during unscheduled drop-in requests. Appointments to review this information are not designed to be a burdensome process to the public, and requests to access this information will be accommodated in an expeditious manner. Electronic copies of any of this information, if available, will be provided to the public at no charge. Hard copies will be made available for a copy fee of twenty-five cents per page.


All meetings of the NCCU/WNCU Board of Directors are open to the public. The dates, time and location of these meetings are posted on the WNCU website (WWW.WNCU.ORG). Announcements with this information are also made over the air during the ten days prior to these meetings.

WNCU also makes on-air announcements on at least three consecutive days once during each calendar quarter that explain the station’s open meeting policy and provide information about how the public can obtain information regarding specific dates, times, and locations of these meetings.

There is a “public comment” section in the agenda of these meetings when members of the public may address the board and comment on issues regarding the station. These comments are included in the minutes of these meetings as part of the permanent record.


Each year WNCU has its year-end financial statement audited by a Certified Public Accounting firm. WNCU also submits an Annual Financial Report to CPB.
Any member of the public who is interested in reviewing WNCU’s AFR is welcome and advised to visit the station for such reviews during the office hours in WNCU designated office or conference room.
All questions or comments regarding WNCU Open Financial Records Policy should be directed to the General Manager by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 919-530-7445.


Each year, WNCU submits an annual “Station Activities Survey” to CPB. One section of this survey is an “Employment” report, which includes statistical employment information about the WNCU workforce that CPB requests to develop an EEO profile of the public radio system.

The information in this report is generated from WNCU personnel records. The original copy of this report is kept in the CPB Integrated Station Information System (ISIS) file for WNCU, which can only be electronically accessed by the General Manager or Business Manager. A copy of this report is available in the “CPB Public File” for the public to review.