WNCU’s End of Year Friendly Battle of the Genres

It’s the End of Year Battle of the Genres right here at WNCU 90.7FM. To end this year with a bang, the WNCU staff and volunteers want to know which genre ranks the highest with WNCU listeners on our programming line-up. Is it jazz, oldies and funk or gospel? Do you know?

On December 14 – 16, we will dedicate an entire day of jazz on Friday, oldies and funk on Saturday and gospel on Sunday. All of your favorite announcers will be there and your support will determine which music program ranks #1 at WNCU for the year. Not only will WNCU have fun with this friendly battle, but also we need you, our listeners, to call in your most generous donation and help us settle the dispute once and for all. Operators will be standing by for your pledge of support. Remember getting in your donation will also get you that last minute 2012 tax break. So, make plans to support your favorite genre of music and get a tax break at the same time! Tune in December 14-16.

December 14 — Jazz from 8am to 10pm
December 15 — Oldies and Funk from 8am to 10pm
December 16 — Gospel from 7am to 9pm

Thank You Gifts for Donations of $60 or more during Battle of the Genres
Friday, December 14 – Jazz Premium
Dave Brubeck Quartet
Time Out CD

Saturday, December 15 – Oldies/Funk Premium
The Best of Motown 1960’s

Sunday, December 16 – Gospel Premium
Quartet BlockBuster CD, Vol 1