Public Radio Satellite System July Feature: Blues Unlimited

Blues Unlimited is a two-hour program that explores the wonderful world of the blues, its history, heritage, and rich cultural traditions. Each week, listeners get to connect to an authentic and vibrant part of American musical history, as we examine some unique topic or aspect of the blues universe.

Topics include profiles of important independent record labels; tributes to influential or unheralded musicians; homages to ground-breaking festivals, like Ann Arbor and Newport; revisits to the glory days of the 1960s Blues Revival; legendary field recordings from Chris Strachwitz, George Mitchell, Alan Lomax, and David Evans; ongoing series, such as “Desert Island Classics,” “The Legends of Bluesville,” and the “Vintage Travelogue Series;” plus, specials galore — Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, not to mention the widely-anticipated annual gospel show.

Learn more about the creator and read the SHOWCase’s interview with him.