Nu Jazz Entertainment Announcement

Nu Jazz Entertainment Announces the Launch of the World’s First Jazz Record Label with Audio & Video Content Exclusively for Digital Download

(New York, NY) – Nu Jazz Entertainment–a long time producer of high quality audio and video content in the genre of jazz–announced the launch of two new labels, dedicated to the production and distribution of audio & video recordings–exclusively for digital download.

“Nu” Jazz for a “Nu” Era

Nu Jazz Entertainment founder Jerald Miller, has announced the formation of two separate labels, to release high definition video and audio content–exclusively for digital download in the genre of jazz. Nu Jazz Records and Nu Jazz Video are the first labels of their type in the industry-dedicated to providing high quality audio and video releases of emerging, and soon to be, legends in jazz.

Nu Jazz Entertainment will release over 30 audio & video projects per year.

he current slate of releases include projects from: Award-winning Tenor & Soprano saxophonist, Jimmy Greene; a rising star in percussion, Drummer, Geoff Clapp; longtime Wynton Marsalis sideman, Alto Saxophonist, Wess “Warmdaddy” Anderson; a fiery new Baritone saxophonist, named Jason Marshall; and one of the original Tough Young Tenors, and current Jazz at Lincoln Center member, Walter Blanding, Jr., on Tenor saxophone. “With the emergence of new technologies over the last 10 years, it’s important to make great performances in Jazz available to all who wish to see them”, says Mr. Miller. “By making all of our audio and video products available exclusively for digital download, we’re able to bring new performances to jazz lovers around the world on a consistent, and almost instantaneous basis.”

“Furthermore”, Miller continues, “by maintaining our own production staff, we become the first jazz label to have audio and video assets for 100% of our in-house produced releases.”

Delivering “Nu” Music in a “Nu” Way

All releases will be available for digital download directly from both the label’s website (, and major music download services (iTunes, Zune Marketplace, Amazon, eMusic, etc.). Additionally, music and video content from Nu Jazz Entertainment will be available on over 450 other download services, in over 50 countries, around the globe. In a forward thinking approach to music distribution, the label will also become the first jazz label in the industry to offer all of their releases for purchase on specially manufactured “Digital Music Cards”.

Digital Music Cards”, explains label founder Jerald Miller, “are pre-manufactured plastic cards, which contain album artwork on the front, and a unique download ‘scratch off’ code on the back, with instructions on how to redeem the cards.”

Purchasing Product from the Nu Jazz Website Jazz fans will be able to purchase product directly from the Nu Jazz website in virtually any format necessary for their portable or home music system.

Regular audio track downloads (MP3) retail between $.99 and $1.99 depending upon song length, while high-quality audio tracks (WAV) retail between $1.49 and $2.49. All video single tracks (MPEG4 or MOV) retail between $1.99 and $2.99, while an entire video album (MPEG2, MPEG4, or MOV) retails for $12.99.
For those fans who still want physical product, there will be an option to purchase a CD on demand for $12.99 or DVD on demand for $16.99. Consumers are also able to purchase Baseball caps, T-shirts, Sweatshirts–or a variety of other artist and label related merchandise–from the Nu Jazz Store on the label website.

Digital Music Cards

Two versions of the digital music cards will be available for each release.

One version contains the “Digital Music Album”, and allows the purchaser to download the audio files with specially developed bonus features–such as audio interviews or photos–and retails for $9.99. The second version allows the purchaser to download the entire audio album–plus a full-length concert video–with bonus features. Each card contains different artwork and different bonus items, in addition to a digital discount coupon from the Nu Jazz Store–to be used for purchases of merchandise from the company’s website.

To deliver content on the digital music cards, Nu Jazz Entertainment has partnered with FizzkicksTM — the ground breaking digital music delivery system, helmed by Aaron Burton. “We’re excited to be working with Jerald Miller and the Nu Jazz family, in helping to expand the reach of jazz to its fans around the world.” says Burton. “The depth and variety of audio and video content produced by Nu Jazz Entertainment, is perfect for our system – and can help translate digital sales to revenue for brick and mortar retailers around the globe.”

Fans will be able to purchase these cards through select retailers, via , directly from the label’s website, or from any of the artists at their performances.

Forthcoming “Nu Jazz” Projects

Nu Jazz Records and Nu Jazz Video will feature a variety of projects from across the many styles of jazz. Featuring both “Nu” and well established artists, Nu Jazz Entertainment is poised to become a major player in the deliverance of high quality audio and video recordings to the marketplace.
First up is The Overcomer’s Suite, a new album from the award winning Tenor saxophonist, Jimmy Greene. With several albums under his belt at other labels, and a constant tour schedule, the first tome on Nu Jazz Records – Jimmy Greene: The Overcomer’s Suite [NJE #1001] is a bold statement from an emerging artist. The Overcomer’s Suite comprises a four-part composition that delves into biblical themes. “Each movement depicts a person who, in God’s care, overcame a daunting task, trial, or situation”, says composer Jimmy Greene. Originally commissioned by Chamber Music of America, it debuted at the International Association of Jazz Educator’s (IAJE) conference in New York, in front of a crowd of over 6,000 people. The album contains over 60 minutes of music, including a moving tribute commissioned by ASCAP in honor of National Endowments of the Arts Jazz Master, Ornette Coleman, entitled Anthem of Hope. Jimmy Greene is backed by Xavier Davis on Piano, Luques Curtis on Bass, and Kendrick Scott on Drums.

Other upcoming releases include projects from: a fiery new Baritone saxophonist, Jason Marshall (Jason Marshall: Introducing… Jason Marshall [NJE #1011, #1013]); a tome from long-time Wynton Marsalis sideman Wes “Warmdaddy” Anderson, (Wessell Anderson: Warm It Up Warmdaddy! [NJE 1021, #1023]); as well as a, yet to be named, project from Tenor saxophonist, Walter Blanding, Jr.–a current member of Wynton Marsalis’ Septet and Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, and many more.
Late in 2008, Nu Jazz Entertainment will launch their Jazz Legends series–featuring previously unreleased audio tracks from historic figures such as Duke Ellington, among others, on digital music albums–combined with bonus photos and original video content–developed and produced exclusively for each featured artist.

“Nu” Digital Partnerships for “Nu Jazz”

Nu Jazz Entertainment has developed extensive partnerships and online promotional campaigns with such partners as: Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Imeem, , Metacafe, Revver, and a host of other digital portals, in the most ambitious digital marketing campaign by any jazz label today. From the creation of special artist “video” trailers, to the anticipated giveaway of over 100,000 downloads in 2008, Nu Jazz plans to remain extremely active in creating an awareness of their product in the digital landscape–all while introducing new consumers to their artists. As a special 2008 promotion, Nu Jazz Entertainment will be launching one new release every week for digital download on their website.

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