Keeping the Signal Alive Campaign

We are grateful for your support as WNCU approaches our 16th year of broadcasting! You have truly made a difference in the daily operations and progress of WNCU over the years. It is because of listeners like you, that we have been able to grow technologically, despite the many budget cuts. WNCU is now HD compliant with both of our studio facilities thanks to your unwavering support. And we are optimistic, as we solicit your additional gift towards our “Keeping the Signal Alive Campaign”.

WNCU has been presented with an awesome opportunity to receive an $80,000 matching grant for the acquisition of a new transmitter! And after 16 years of service, the current transmitter is in need of a major upgrade and overhaul, so this comes at a great time.

WNCU is kicking off our “Keeping the Signal Alive Campaign” June 17 – 20, and asking the WNCU community to come together to raise $20,000 in donations. When we do, we will be able to take full advantage of this opportunity to secure the full funding needed for the new transmitter!

Your additional gift today will assist in expanding WNCU’s service area, and bring jazz to more of our neighbors around the region and assure that your signal remains clear and strong!

We need you to keep our signal strong and uninterrupted! Keep jazz alive today!

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