Facts You Should Know

  • The original air conditioners were installed in 1995, so they are 17 years old. This is generally beyond normal service life.
  • Our expenses to keep these older units running has increased dramatically as they have aged.
  • If one of the two fail and the outside temperature is over 90 degrees, we have to reduce power to prevent the building from overheating. If they both fail no matter what the outside temperature is, the station needs to shut down.
  • Our plan is to replace both old units and add a thermostatically controlled exhaust fan. If the outside temperature is no higher than 95 degrees, the fan allows us to keep heat from rising without limit in the building and we can stay on the air.
  • Newer units more efficient, cut power bill.
  • Our backup transmitter system now requires that we have the HD reject load which used to be outside now be inside. This increases our heat load some while running on our backup system, so we need the air conditioning able to run at full capacity. Our old units will be marginal.
  • We need to upgrade our thermostatic controls to digital controls, we are looking into being able to set them remotely to take outside conditions into account when establishing set points, we might run 75 degrees during cool weather, but allow inside temperatures to rise to 85 degrees if it is very hot out to reduce load on our air conditioners and reduce power consumption.