wncu fundraisers

WNCU Gospel Brunch

WNCU Sunday Gospel Brunch will be a regularly scheduled event that will bring our listeners to the historic Pan Pan Diner for a great meal and foot stompin’, hand clappin’ Gospel music from 10am to 3pm for four Sundays throughout the year starting March 30, 2008. WNCU will host a fun and family-oriented gathering at the Pan Pan Diner located in Northgate Mall in Durham. For years the Pan Pan Diner has been known for its’ good food and friendly service. Patrons can not only enjoy a great meal, but down home gospel music as well. A local gospel group will perform inspirational music and will keep the event lively and add to the atmosphere.

Gospel recording artist Jennifer Evans will perform songs from her CD Delayed but Not Denied on March 30th.

WNCU gospel on-air announcers, Steve Satterfield, Carolyn Ryals and “Country Boy”, Walter Hatcher will host and conduct contests and giveaways. Twenty percent of the revenue generated in the restaurant during the WNCU Sunday Brunch will be donated to help WNCU with their fundraising efforts.

Co-sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact, Gayle Hurd at 919-539-8235 or [email protected]or Edith Thorpe at 530-6122 or [email protected]

WNCU Fundraisers

WNCU Gospel Brunch

A WNCU Sunday Gospel Brunch is scheduled for March 30th, June 29th, September 28th and December 14th, and will take place at the Pan Pan Diner located in the Northgate Mall, Durham, NC from 10 a.m. to 3p.m. WNCU Sunday Gospel Brunch is a regularly scheduled fundraiser for WNCU. Performing live on Sunday, March 30th is gospel recording artist Jennifer Evans who will feature songs from her CD “Delayed but Not Denied.

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WNCU Diamonds & Pearls Jewelry Auction

WNCU will partner with Hamilton Hill International Designer Jewelry of Durham’s trendy Brightleaf Square shopping district to host one of its’ newest fundraising endeavors. The WNCU Diamonds & Pearls Jewelry Auction and Social will take place Friday, April 11th from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. on location inside the jewelry store among cases of fabulous designer jewelry.

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