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Yusef Lateef Is Dead at 93

Few jazz musicians balanced intellect and instinct, head and heart, as effectively or seamlessly as Yusef Lateef, who died at 93 on Monday, at home in Massachusetts. His prescience and influence as a player and composer were mighty, and often go overlooked, maybe because his innovations resulted in such likable, lucid music, based often in […]

Robert J. Appel Pledges Unprecedented $20 Million Gift to Jazz at Lincoln Center

Jazz at Lincoln Center announced an unprecedented gift of $20 million from Robert J. Appel, the organizations Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Appels gift is the largest single private philanthropic contribution to date in support of jazz, and will benefit the thousands of performance, education and broadcast events Jazz at Lincoln Center produces […]

Wade In The Water: 5 Jazz Takes On Spirituals

By David Brent Johnson The African-American religious folk songs known as spirituals grew out of the slavery experience and the introduction of Christianity into slaves’ lives. Though rooted in African musical tradition, they reflected life in a strange and terribly oppressive new world. Often improvisations upon older hymns, they became entirely new songs — songs […]

William Parker’s Abstract Grooves Collected In Box Set

By Kevin Whitehead Steve Lacy used to say that the right partner can help you make music you couldn’t get to by yourself. Take the quartet William Parker founded in 2000, for example. Parker’s bass tone was always sturdy as a tree trunk, but power drummer Hamid Drake gives him lift. The upshot is that […]

27 Years Ago, Keith Jarrett Was A One-Man Band

By Banning Eyre Keith Jarrett is a jazz legend. His catalog of recordings includes solo piano improvisations, trio and quartet works, classical performances, early sessions with Charles Lloyd and late ones with Miles Davis. But there’s nothing quite like Jarrett’s new double-CD set No End: It was recorded in his home studio in 1986, and […]

Ben Allison: Leading A Stellar Band Far Beyond The World

By NPR Staff Most music fans will recognize the title of Ben Allison’s new album, The Stars Look Very Different Today, as a reference to the song “Space Oddity,” itself a reference to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The era that birthed David Bowie and Stanley Kubrick’s respective masterpieces had a lasting effect on […]

Bringing Jazz On Walkabout: Jon Batiste And Stay Human

By NPR Staff Pianist Jonathan Batiste was born and raised in New Orleans as part of the Batiste jazz family dynasty there. He was playing with the family band by age 8. Eventually he took his talents to Julliard, and that’s where he met the rest of Stay Human: Joe Saylor on the drums, Ibanda […]

Chico Hamilton, Drummer, Bandleader and Exponent of Cool Jazz, Dies at 92

Chico Hamilton, a drummer and bandleader who helped put California on the modern-jazz map in the 1950s and remained active into the 21st century, died on Monday in Manhattan. He was 92. His death was announced by April Thibeault, his publicist. Never among the flashiest or most muscular of jazz drummers, Mr. Hamilton had a […]

Grammy-Nominated Jazz Giant Joe Chambers to Appear at the NCCU Jazz Festival on Nov. 22

“Retire? You don’t retire from jazz . Some cats have died on the bandstand,” said drummer and educator Joe Chambers, during a phone interview from his home in Wilmington, North Carolina. “By the same token. I don’t have the desire to play the drums behind anybody that’s living today, with the possible exception of McCoy […]

Concord Records Set to Release Deluxe CD/DVD Titled Ray Charles Forever on Sept. 24

Ray Charles will be commemorated on September 23, 2013, his 83rd birthday, with a United States Postal Service Music Icons Forever® Stamp. Concord Records celebrates the occasion with the release of Ray Charles Forever, a deluxe CD/DVD collection on September 24th. In addition, Concord Records will be producing a special edition of Ray Charles Forever […]

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