NCCU Marching Sound Machine Load Walmart Truck in Preparation for the Rose Parade

When members of North Carolina Central University’s Marching Sound Machine arrive in Pasadena, Calif., to take part in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day, they will not have to worry about lost luggage at the airport, thanks to a major in-kind gift from Walmart. The transportation services division of the discount giant will transport the band’s instruments, equipment, luggage and uniforms. This gift, valued at close to $100,000, is the largest donation received in support of the Tournament of Roses campaign.

Today, an 18-wheeler, emblazoned with the NCCU logo, rolled into Durham to load up and head west. The truck will cross eight states and arrive in California by Dec. 28. Walmart will also transport the equipment back to Durham on Jan. 5.

The Marching Sound Machine was selected as one of 16 bands to perform at the 2011 Rose Parade. Band members will assist with float preparation and perform in the annual Bandfest event before taking center stage as the first HBCU from North Carolina invited to the Tournament of Roses.