NCCU is the Tom Joyner Foundation School of the Month for August 2010

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I have the pleasure to announce that NCCU is the School of the Month for the Tom Joyner Foundation during August, 2010.

Tom Joyner is a celebrated morning talk show host and a successful businessman. But he’s also a philanthropist who’s raised more than $55 million for scholarships and the revitalization of historically black colleges and universities like mine, all across the country.

In his book I’m Just a DJ But…It Makes Sense to Me, Joyner spells out, in unapologetic terms, his bold-faced advocacy of HBCUs. It certainly endears him to us. There’s no better pitchman to publicize the subtle differences in approach to student success between mainstream and historically black universities.

Our secret’s not safe with him and thank goodness for that! He’s telling the world about our nurturing environment, commitment to student success, by which I mean, graduation, and the HBCU experience.

He writes, “A good HBCU will take what you have and make it better.”

That sounds about right to me.

Being a philanthropist is a choice. The Tom Joyner Foundation began with a 900 number that people were asked to call to donate $5. We may not all have thousands in the bank to donate to a worthy cause but most of us have $5. Tom’s example shows us that we can all be philanthropists to the extent that we are able, but we need to make that choice.

Throughout the month of August, let him know you choose to support NCCU.

Charlie Nelms