WNCU Fall Fundraiser, Shave a Day

WNCU will hold its fall fundraiser, Shave a Day, from October 20th – 29th.

Ten days of pitching every few minutes to remind our listeners that we need financial support to keep going can be shorten by donating now.

For every $8,000 we raise between now and Oct. 20th, we will take one day off fundraising. If we raise $80,000 before Oct. 20th, we may not have to pitch at all.

Send in your donation and help us avoid interrupting your favorite programs.  You can renew your membership or become a new member online or by mailing your donation to PO Box 3659, Durham, NC 27702.

This is our 15th anniversary year, so why not donate at least $150 this time around and help us shorten our campaign?